Engaging the “Disengaged Youths” during the democratic transition in Bangladesh

2023-12-19T17:59:20+06:00August 6th, 2023|

With the objective to empower the youth by way of establishing aspirations and expectations in the electoral domain, the Citizen's Platform for SDGs, Bangladesh is trying to give shape to a programme

Job markets need students with practical know-how

2023-09-20T18:24:52+06:00June 16th, 2023|

Aligned with the development endevours, the importance of good governance and public participation in public finance management has also increased to many folds. But some schools are on the view that the speed of the development and quality may drop if the financial management – that trigger all the development functionalities- is improper.

Primary Education Needs at Least 25% of National Education Budget

2023-09-20T18:28:50+06:00June 10th, 2023|

Based on the recent robust development pace of Bangladesh in socio-economic and other aspects, the importance of good governance and public participation in public finance management has significantly increased.

Ensure better education, training & access to decent jobs for Madrasah students

2023-09-24T18:15:21+06:00November 11th, 2019|

Graduates from the Bangladeshi Madrasah education system fail to get into decent jobs. Commonly, these students get into professions that provide low income. The income of Madrasah educated family heads are similar to that of the national level. This other way indicates their low income compared to other educated family heads.

Education, Skill and Jobs for Youth should be facilitated by Public Offices

2023-09-25T16:22:06+06:00August 6th, 2019|

Bangladesh is aspired to be a higher middle-income country and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Labour-productivity of Bangladesh would be far-behind than the higher middle-income countries in 2030, even lower than that of the lower-middle income countries as well as those of India and Vietnam.

A disaggregated look reveals cracks in the achievement of SDGs in Bangladesh

2023-09-24T18:26:48+06:00April 29th, 2019|

A day-long conclave titled, Citizens Conclave: Four Years of SDGs in Bangladesh was organised by the Citizen’s Platform on Saturday 27 April 2019 at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC), Dhaka. Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) as the Secretariat of the Platform executed the event along with over 100 other partner organisations of the Platform.

Ensuring accountability in education is a must to achieve SDG-4

2023-09-25T14:32:39+06:00May 1st, 2017|

 Paper | Video | Photos  Despite huge success towards increasing access to education and enrolment rates, Bangladesh lagged far behind in quality education. There is a need for accountability and participation [...]

Communalising textbooks – How others may look at us

2018-09-03T16:33:42+06:00February 25th, 2017|

[:en]The opening words of an education blog posted under the auspices of UNESCO Global Education Monitoring report concludes that the new version of textbooks from grade one to grade ten display a deliberate move to give the content a religious if not communal slant. (See Global Education Blog, 8 February, 2017).[:]

Improve Budgetary Allocations for Quality Education

2023-09-25T14:55:09+06:00December 29th, 2016|

Bangladesh has no alternative to improve the quality of education to realise the Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In view of this, increased budgetary allocations and effective [...]

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