When the Disability Alliance on SDGs in Bangladesh came to know that this year the Government of Bangladesh decided to participate in the VNR process, they decided to volunteer to contribute in preparing the national report, especially focusing on the issues and the concerns of persons with disabilities.

To this end a report has been published based on a series of consultations amongst the members of the alliance, a large number of Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs), member of DPOs and NGOs working in the field of disability & development in Bangladesh.

The greatest challenges and impediments faced by persons with disabilities in Bangladesh are their voices remaining unheard at all levels, social stigma and widespread discrimination! The disability dimension of poverty and their development has historically remained as one of the least understood and most neglected issues of the mainstream development initiatives. Unavailability of data on the number of persons with disabilities in the country, serious capacity gaps in the government sectors in designing and implementing programs are some of the findings of the report.

The report has been shared with the government authorities and it is expected that issues and concerns of persons with disabilities raised are duly incorporated in the national VNR.


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