Introduction of the Centre for Services and Information on Disability (CSID)

With the aim of mainstreaming disability issues through an inclusive approach addressing the problems and issues of persons with disabilities the Centre for Services and Information on Disability (CSID) was formed as a Non-profit voluntary organization in December 1997.

CSID envisions “An inclusive society where all disadvantaged people including Persons with Disabilities are living with equal rights, opportunities, access and dignity in comparison to other citizens of the country” with the mission of Reducing discrimination against marginalized people including persons with disabilities in all aspects of life including gender disparity; creating a Physical and Socio-economic barrier free environment; Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities and marginalized people through capacity building; Resource and information networking; Promoting opportunities and access to education, information and socio- economic activities in order to mainstreaming them into society with equal rights and dignity.

Primarily CSID formed and registered as Charity Trust under the Ministry of Law in December 1997. Later in February 2011 the organization has been registered with the Department of Social Services under the Ministry of Social Welfare. The registration number: Dha- 08858, dated- 20 February 2011. It is also registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau of Government of Bangladesh under the Foreign Donations (Voluntary Activities) Regulation Ordinance. Registration number: 1322, dated 15 December 1998.

Programmatic interventions

Following the values like children, youth and women first; Disability should consider as development issue, not as Special or Welfare issue as Persons with Disabilities constituting 15% of population (according to the World Report on Disability); Equity of opportunities and dignity; Freedom of expressing opinion and enjoying rights; Accountability and transparency CSID is implementing different projects and  has taken interventions in response to COVID-19, SDGs and Youth under the program dimensions below;

  • Promotion of Inclusive Education.
  • Information and Resource sharing and Networking including Promotion of access to information using digital technology and accessible formats for disadvantaged people including persons with disabilities.
  • Conducting Research/Study on Disability and Development Issues and dissemination.
  • Community-Based Support Services for development of Disadvantaged and Marginalized people including Persons with Disabilities.
  • Promotion of Livelihood opportunities for marginalized including persons with disabilities.
  • National and local level Advocacy.

Under the project “Protection and Empowerment of children with disabilities through an inclusive Approach” CSID distributed Rice, Potato, Onion, Oil, Pulse, spices, Soap, Washing powder, Salt, Biscuit, Sugar, Chera, Muri etc and Provide Nutrition & Psycho social  support to 240 children with disabilities and their families at Kamrangir Char under Dhaka North City Corporation.

Under the project “COVID-19 Family Care Response” CSID distributed Rice, Potato, Onion, Oil, Pulse, spice, Soap, Washing powder, Salt, Biscuit etc to 150 children with disabilities and their families at Kamrangirchar, Keranigong, Mohammedpur in Dhaka.

Under the project “COVID-19 2021 Appeal Grant” CSID distributed Rice, Potato, Onion, Oil, Pulse, spice, Soap, Washing powder, Salt, Biscuit etc to 200 children with disabilities and their families at Kamrangirchar, Keranigong, Mohammedpur in Dhaka.

Under the project “Bkash Project” CSID transferred Cash by Bkash agency per family- 7730/= to 60 children with deaf blindness & their family members at Keranigong in Dhaka.

Under the project “Persons with Disabilities, Local Initiatives for Advancement by Nurturing Transformation(PLIANT)” CSID organized 7 Awareness raising meeting about COVID-19 and Violence against women (VAW) for child advocacy group members and distributed 5000 masks to primary school student & others people, Established 8 Bill board/sign board, distributed Sanitizer & Education Materials support to 60 students with disabilities, provided Cash support to 450 families, Livelihood Support to 50 families, Organized 1 Meeting with staff of Protibondi Sahajjo o Seba Kendro about COVID19 awareness and 1 skill development training for Youth beneficiaries and their family members, 1 Advocacy meeting and advocacy activity with Councilor, UP chairman, UP members and local elite person for COVID19 support and safety-net, 1 Meeting with Civil surgeon, ADC, DD-DSS,UNO,UEO,USSO and THO about social safety-net and health support on COVID19 situation, Contact with 1400 beneficiaries over phone for awareness about COVID19 in Sylhet.

Under the “Protection and Empowerment Project of children with disabilities through an Inclusive Approach” CSID distributed 3000 awareness leaflets to protect against corona virus and regular follow-up via mobile, Food support to the 516 children with disabilities who were badly affected economically because of COVID 19, provided virtual counseling to 900 children with disabilities (Over phone) to reduce the stress/trauma, provided nutrition and psycho social support for 70 children with disabilities, provided orientation on health and hygiene  to 319 children with disabilities that protect them from CORONA and other virus, provided counseling to 80 children with disabilities  to reduce the stress/trauma because of COVID 19 situation and provided awareness session on COVID 19 for the 160 parents/caregivers of children with disabilities based on parenting tips leaflets in Barishal.

Under the “Promoting Inclusive Education for children with disabilities project” CSID ensured admission of 127 children with disabilities at primary school under the mainstreaming education, provided orientation on Inclusive Education to 400 community people , parents, caregivers, SMC members and teachers. 60 students have received livelihood support in response to COVID 19 bad effect. 55 parents and caregivers were vaccinated by the support of CSID.

Under the “I to I project” CSID provided Training on ICT for 3970 persons with disabilities and ensure employment of 1450 persons with disabilities.

Future outlook and recommendations

Awareness raising activities about COVID19 is fruitful for beneficiaries’ health safeguarding. New activities need to design to serve beneficiaries during and after COVID 19 at the critical situation.


Raising fund to serve the people and implementing the designed program is a challenge where government rules and restriction will make hindrance specially to implement inclusive education program at primary schools.

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