Introduction of the organisation

Unnayan Sangha (US) is a non-governmental, non-political and not for profit organization established in 1980 to serve the socio-economically disadvantaged people for their socio-financial and cultural development expecting better and prosperous life of them. It is founded by some of the enthusiastic and benevolent persons of Jamalpur and Sherpur districts in leadership of Late. Krishibid Shamsul Huda, an eminent development practitioner, educationist and social reformer. The vision of the organization is “A society, based on equality, fairness and good governance, which   can ensure sustainable development and people’s empowerment “with the followed mission  to work with exploited and disadvantaged groups of the people particularly poor, ultra-poor, Indigenous groups and peoples with disability, men, women, youth and children living in plain land, river basin and hilly/haor areas of Bangladesh for their socio-economic development implementing different socioeconomic and right based development programs. US believes in providing equal opportunities for everyone in the community, regardless of gender, religious beliefs or ethnicity. US is one of the most dynamic organizations expanding its development interventions across 92 Upazilas of 11 districts under 04 divisions of Bangladesh covering over 3.5 million poor and vulnerable people.

Programmatic interventions

Over the last forty years of relentless efforts to make this happen, we have embraced new grounds and opened up new horizons to facilitate the disadvantaged and vulnerable people to bring meaningful and lasting changes in their lives. During this long span, we have adapted with the changing situation and provided the most time-bound effective services especially to the poor and disadvantaged people.

we are currently implementing a considerable number of projects and programs including COVID-19, Youth and local development in the programs of micro-finance, livelihoods, health-education and nutrition, human and child rights protection, disaster response and rehabilitation and climate change adaptation through a community focused and people centered approach to accomplish government’s development agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN mission as a whole. The intervention is given bellow:

Input & activities Targeted population Covered population
Awareness Raising on COVD -19 through Miking:

US has organized awareness raising on hand washing and social distance maintaining activity through miking at community level on COVID-19  with the cooperation of local government,  department  of health and family planning.

2300000 (All Community People) 2000000
Hand Washing Demonstration & Soap Distribution:

US arranged 3672 demonstration sessions on hand washing at ward level with the participation of LGI and health and family planning at community level. In the sessions CHVs are demonstrated how to use soap and time to washing hand for them and including benefits. Total 55680 people especially pregnant and adolescents’ group were present in these sessions and distributed soap among them.

55680 (Pregnant and Lactating mothers) 55680
Mask, glove and safety equipment distribution for the staff, market’s people and vulnerable people of the community: US has distributed safety materials for addressing COVID-19   among the staff and the market’s people as well as vulnerable people of the community 250000 250000
Safety Device distribution and set up:

Addressing COVID-19, US has distributed safety devices and set up at the institutions and more gathering area of the community.

16-Institutions and 1500 household 16-Institutions and 1500 household
Support food package for the vulnerable community: US arranged food packages for the flood affected most vulnerable households and jobless household due to COVID-19. Each package value 3000/- 5000 5000
Rural road reconstruction and repair and plinth raising:

US has engaged in Rural Road reconstruction and repair activities with the coordination of local govt. and administration for developing physical condition of road and plinth of the vulnerable families as well as they earned from the engagement of the work as daily labor with wages 300/- per day to meet the daily expense and help to their children for schooling



Household engage-1600


Plinth-28 Household engage-1600

Fruit and wood tree distribution: US has arranged distribution fruit a wood tree for its beneficiaries in her working area 2700 2700
Arrange skill/TEVET for the Women and Youth people: US organized Skill development training for the youth and women who will be   engaged in IGA activities for increasing income. 750 750
IGA support:

US has arranged vegetable seeds support for the affected people of 3500 households the community and goat ling support to 2500 families. Consequently, they received 5 kinds of vegetable seeds and 2 goat ling per household





Equipment Support: Unnayan Sangha has provided support to the disable people of community for their betterment of life and arranged inclusion to them in his/her family with the equipment support as well as linked with social welfare department to get   entitlements of person with disabilities 125 125
Unconditional Cash Support:

US has provided unconditional cash support for the poorest section of community. Each beneficiary received 3000/-

3500 3500

Challenge faced during the implementation of the intervention at field level

  • As per criteria, beneficiaries’ selection is a good process. When need to approval from the Local govt. then they take more time to approval and request to project personnel to include excluded criteria’s people who are very closed to him
  • Few numbers of beneficiaries select against hues demand from the community
  • Overlap activities in to the community

Future outlook and recommendations

  • Consultation meeting with Local govt. Administration, Social elites and community people are very potential to achieve the pre fixed result
  • On line cash transfer system viable for the beneficiaries as well as avoid community gathering
  • Maintaining Primary health care and personal hygiene are creating attitude on daily practices
  • Feedback mechanism set up in all level of working area
  • Arrangement of refresh space for the working women
  • Visibility enhanced understanding among the stakeholders
  • Increased unemployment
  • Fund unavailability

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