Research Unit of Caritas Development Institute (CDI) contributes different Global Goals among its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through conduct different exploratory research, empirical research, basic research, social action research, baseline and end line studies, impact assessment, need assessment, socio-economic study and evaluation.

CDI Research performed to No Poverty and Zero Hunger of SDG 1 and SDG 2 focusing on the most vulnerable people and excluded Bengali and Indigenous communities in the remotest areas of the country as well as both urban and rural context. CDI conducts research in the areas of existing poverty situation and needs, food consumption and security, access to nutritious food, livelihood opportunities and scopes, how to enhance knowledge, capacity building, skills and Agro-Ecological production technologies, agricultural productivity to reduce poverty and ensure food. The research findings were helped to planning and design of poverty reduction strategy, food consumption and security, areas of intervention for various community groups, alternative livelihood strategy, and policy strategy for capacity building and training by ethnic community.

CDI Research contributed to good health and well-being of SDG 3 focusing in the areas of reproductive health, adolescent health, and maternal health of the children and women of the vulnerable communities. CDI conducts research in the areas of knowledge and perception on adolescent health and menstruation period hygiene, reproductive & sexual rights, reproductive health, access to primary healthcare, mother healthcare and reproductive healthcare status in urban slum population, street children, and rural context as well. CDI conducted researches in the well-being of migrated indigenous communities. The research findings contribute to increased knowledge and understanding on reducing adolescent and child health risk, increases awareness on reproductive health and STD, access to safe and affordable healthcare for mother and for all towards achieving good health coverage of SDG 3.

CDI Research conducted research in child education, tracer study of graduates’ technical and vocational training participants which contributed SDG 4 focusing in the area of child education status of the hard to reach children in the remotest areas of the country, street children education, effectiveness of technical and vocational training, and access to education centers. The research findings were contribute to planning and design of child education strategy, needs of children for education, areas of intervention for children education, market demand of technical and vocational training towards achieving inclusive and quality education for all.

CDI Research contributed to Climate Action of SDG 13 through conduct research on existing scenario of agro ecology practice in Chittagong Hill Tract by Bengali and Indigenous peoples. CDI also conducting research on Impact of Climate Induced Hazards on Livelihood and Probable Adaption Options in CHT towards support resilience and adaptive capacity to climate change and capacity building in disaster risk reduction. The research findings were contribute to capacity building in climate resilient adaptation practices in upgrade agricultural production technology and livelihood development as well as increase capacity in disaster risk reduction.