Despite of global effort to contain the most infectious virus-COVID-19, it is continuing to spreading globally including Bangladesh. This virus has already left 533,639 death and 11,388,673 confirm cases ( globally. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, is a crisis of a completely different magnitude and world is waiting for any successive treatment and vaccine. There is no question that unprecedented scale of response has taken to control spreading but it seems increasing in many regions. Bangladesh took a range of measures to protect its population from the COVID-19 and its long-term socio-economic and humanitarian impacts. But we are seeing more than 160 thousands case and over two thousand death and it is still in raise.

As part of COVID-19 response, Light House took immediate measures after the outbreaks began in Bangladesh. It has taken measures to save both community people and staffs from the virus Ensured hand wash point at office, ensure hygiene kits, mask, gloves, gowns, goggles and other PPEs. Light House continued to provide health services at the field level, Doctors Helpline, enhance mental health counseling, distributes food support to most affected marginalized groups, step up fund raising, and enhance networking to ensure relief for its beneficiaries including all sex workers and Hijra as well continued awareness raising among the community and beneficiaries .