Introduction of the organisation

JAGO NARI is a right-based and humanitarian organization working at all districts of Barisal Division since 1998 and have 13 years of Emergency response experience like SIDR to COVID-19. Our core program is women empowerment.

Programmatic interventions in response to COVID-19

Till now, JAGO NARI has awarded 3 emergency response project with the support of Oxfam and Start Fund Bangladesh with a total financial value of almost 66,00.000 BDT.

  1. Leaflet 45000 unit
  2. Awareness milking 20 unit (covered 12 union under 4 Upazilla)
  3. Hygiene kits distribution 2100HH
  4. Disinfecting 10 unit
  5. Community Radio 18 days
  6. Hand washing demonstration 12 unit
  7. Surgical Mask distribution 27,000

Future outlook and recommendations

JAGO NARI is anticipated to raise death tools in coming days and marginal people will face shortage of food at community level. Also agricultural and polity sector will be affected and production will be less than normal time.


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