Introduction of the Organization

Dhrubotara Youth Development Foundation (DYDF) is the largest youth lead organization of Bangladesh, which is moving with 38, 000 spirited youth volunteer members across the country and already working in 44 districts of Bangladesh with an exceptional reputation for the last twenty years on social and economic development- focusing SDG’s goals through youth empowerment.

DYDF Registered under the Social Welfare Ministry of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh as well as enlisted and affiliated organization of Ministry of Youth & Sports and Ministry of Cultural Affairs of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Such legitimately makes this organization the oldest youth foundation in the country.


Recently, the COVID-19 crisis has brought some devastating changes in our lives and livelihood, which is more critically apparent in the lives of day laborer’s, household workers, hawkers, rickshawala, farmers, fishermen and people who depend on daily income for their livelihood which is lost due to the total shutdown and home quarantine going on the country. We aim to take up the grand task of helping these poor and less fortunate people of the country in this turmoil of COVID-19 with our utmost professionalism and whole heartedness. To ensure that these less fortunate people of our country do not suffer from hunger and lack of medications, to ensure they have sufficient food, daily necessities, medications, sanitizer etc. that are necessary for their survival and good health in this turmoil situation.

Programmatic interventions in response to COVID-19

Awareness Campaign: Done on 44 districts (ensuring reach on every zilla, upzilla, village of each district, aiming to reach on all the 44 districts) about the COVID-19, how it transmits, what is social distancing, how to maintain social distancing by drawing circles and rectangles using chalk in various markets, bazars & other public places, how people get infected, what are the preventive measures, if one gets infected what he/she needs to do etc. through miking, leaflet, stickers and using social media campaign.

Targeted Population:   People of all age & all class.

Campaign Reach: 7.4 lac people approximate.

Distributing Safety Stuffs: Have distributed safety stuffs like hand sanitizers, mask, handwash, soap, Dettol for house & community cleaning to 36 districts ensuring reach on upzilla  of each district.

Targeted Population:   People of all age & all class.

Setting up wash up facilities on key spots:

We have set basin with soaps available on those(monitoring by volunteers) in the key spots, where people can wash their hands, face & clean them up before entering into home, shop, mosque etc.

Targeted Population:  People of all age & all class.

Campaign Reach: 2.5 lac people approximate.

Gifting food packages & cash donations among the actual needy:

Our spirited volunteers worked on point to figure out the actual needy people in the rural & we have gifted food packages to almost 13,000 families & 4,500 vulnerable individuals in 44 districts.

Each of the small/medium packages includes rice, potato, flour, vegetables, onions, oil, salt etc. of various quantities.

We have donated cash 3.5 lac to different needy people of different age. We have initiated “Longorkhana” and provided cooked food to extreme poor people, street people.

Supporting Voluntary Organizations:

We have till date provided support to 14 voluntary organizations as per their appeal & request; with our capacity, networks, reach to people, foods & safety stuffs for them to distribute.

Targeted Population:    Voluntary organizations, needy people through voluntary organizations.

Blood Donation Campaign:

In this crisis situation, we feel that the COVID-19 breakdown is taking away all the attention, concentration & necessary measures & initiatives towards itself, people with other diseases & illness might find it tough to get the valued medical service & in this scenario people who are in need of blood for emergency cases will experience it really hard to find the blood donors. We thereby, on emergency basis formed a blood donation unit, where our youth members are the blood donors who can & who are donating bloods nationwide to serve those emergency cases.

Targeted Population:   People of all age & class.

Project Target beneficiaries:

  • Landless Extreme Poor Groups
  • Ethnic Community
  • Day Laborer’s Family
  • Rickshaw Puller’s Family
  • Street Children and youth
  • Transgender community
  • Different Minority Groups
  • Poor people of border, chitmohol, haor and coastal, Sundarban areas
  • Disable People
  • Slum dweller’s

DYDF Support Items & Activities:

  • Mass campaign and also social media activation
  • Support to administration
  • Volunteer support to stakeholders
  • Media promotion
  • Relief for target groups
  • We have designed below three support package:

Covered division:  Dhaka, Chittagong, Barisal, Sylhet, Khulna, Rajshahi , Rangpur

Spent Amount: BDT 20,00,000 (from own fund , sources)

Still we are communicating , searching other partner’s to arrange fund.


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Contact Person:

Amiya Prapan Chakraborty (Arka)
Executive Director
Dhrubotara Youth Development Foundation (DYDF)