Introduction of the organisation

Dak Diye Jai (DDJ) is a NGO established on 10th December 1982 in Indurkani Upazila of Pirojpur district. DDJ started its activities initially through conscious raising program in the Upazila. To improve the quality of life of the left behind, underprivileged, marginal, landless and poor people of the area, the organisation initiated self-employment programs through group formation, encouraging savings and income generation activities. At the same time, motivational activities were started with health education and use of safe drinking water and sanitary latrines through community approach. At present DDJ is implementing different project/program(s) on the issues of livelihood development, environment & climate change, health, education, youth and elderly people, governance etc. DDJ was awarded National Prize and Certificate by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as the best NGO for consecutive two times in Barishal Division for the services to Mother, Child Health and Family Planning Project for the years of 1998-1999 and 1999-2000. DDJ is registered with different registration authorities (e.g. NGOAB, Social Welfare etc.) of Bangladesh Government.

Programmatic interventions in response to COVID-19

 The COVID-19 pandemic is threatening lives and livelihoods across the world. In just four months, about 2 million people in 185 countries have fallen sick from the viral illness, while at least 1 lac people have died. Bangladesh also has become a victim of this outbreak of corona virus. People are now passing days with biggest panic and sufferings. Considering the above situation DDJ has undertaken the following activities in 7 upazilas of Pirojpur district and 18 upazilas of Bagerhat, Jhalokathi, Barishal and Barguna districts. DDJ has targeted general people of the upazilas for building their awareness on Corona Virus infection (COVID-19) and to contain COVID-19. So far DDJ has undertaken following activities.

  • DDJ conducted day-long miking in 4 unions (i.e. Sikdermallik, Durgapur, Tona and Kalakhali) of Pirojpur Sadar upazila and 2 unions (i.e. Balipara and Pattashi) of Indurkani upazila for building awareness of general people on Corona Virus infection, duties of the people in the present situation, impact of the disease and to contain the COVID-19 disease;
  • Distributed handbill with information of Corona Virus infection in 7 upazilas of Pirojpur district and 18 upazilas of Bagerhat, Jhalokathi, Barishal and Barguna districts;
  • Set up hand washing facilities near new bus stand of Pirojpur Sadar upazila and few public places of Sikdermallik union of the same upazila and Balipara bazar of Indurkani upazila under Pirojpur district;
  • DDJ handed over 200 pcs of lifebuoy soap and 200 pcs of mask to Mr. Hossain Muhammad Al Mujahid, UNO of Indurkani upazila of Pirojpur district;
  • DDJ is keeping regular communication with the poor beneficiaries under its 37 branch offices over phone for making them conscious on Corona Virus infection, telling them not to be panic in present situation as well as to identify the helpless among them.


  • Risk of virus infection at the time of field level activities undertaken for controlling the spread of Corona Virus (COVID-19);
  • Shortage of hygiene materials and PPEs (e.g. gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, liquid antiseptics etc.) in the local market;
  • Shortage of fund.

Future outlook and recommendations

To protect the general people from Corona Virus infection and to aware them on COVID-19 disease Dak Diye Jai has the plan to work extensively about COVID-19 issues in coming days.

Lessons learnt: General people are not conscious about their personal protection and impact of COVID-19.

Future challenges:

  • Intense shortage of hygiene materials and PPEs;
  • Shortage of courageous and dedicated staffs for conducting field level activities undertaken in response to COVID-19;

Government should involve private sector and other stakeholders effectively for combating the disease COVID-19.