Location: Upa-Shahr, Dinajpur

Website: www.cdalpo.org

Email: edcda08@gmail.com

Mission and Vision:

Vision: An United Agrarian Society through People Centered Democracy and land Governance, which is socially just and free from all discriminations, Human Rights are established with Political stability, and Communities are economically productive with ecologically balanced Environment.

Mission: Building Institutions of the Rural disempowered landless poor, argil- Labor  and the Marginal peasants including the Differently able, Old-age, Ethnic & Religious minorities and IPs to ensure and secure their access to and control over the public &Natural resources (Land, Water and Forest) with Gender equality.

Target population/beneficiaries:

  • Adivasi
  • Climate vulnerable population
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Policy makers
  • Population in hard-to reach areas
  • Women and children
  • Youth (Age between 18-35)

Geographical coverage: Sub-National level

Type and focus: Youth network

Focus/areas of current programme:

  • Adivasi Rights and Development
  • Advocacy and Awareness Building
  • Agriculture & Food Security
  • Community Empowerment
  • Employment
  • Environment, Climate Change, and Disaster Management
  • Gender Equality, Human Rights and Legal Aid Services
  • Humanitarian Response
  • Integrated Development
  • Vocational Education & Training and Skills Development
  • Women Empowerment

The main areas of the youth programme(s): Youth skills and capacity development

Title of the programme: Youth and Land

Duration or time period: since 2016 but it’s a one year project

Targeted beneficiaries:

  • Young Women (Age between 18-35)
  • Young Men (Age between 18-35)

Districts covered:

  • Dinajpur
  • Thakurgaon

Youth involvement: Actively/directly engaged in project design and conceptualization

Government Ministries and/or Departments involved:

  • Ministry of Social Services
  • Ministry of Women and Children Affairs
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports