Location: নওগাঁ

Email: jononingn@gmail.com

Mission and Vision:

JONONI in Details: A  valuntary  non-political, non-government development organization. Which was established in 2007. In respect to the need of  proverty  alleviation of the underprivileged poor communities with the initiative of social workers, education and well wishers. JONONI is promoting the socio-economic development for the poor community of the country.

Mission: JONONI is committed to help distressed break out of the poverty trap through nee socio-economic development programs in every sector of life prorating than quality and sustainable development.

Target population/beneficiaries: Youth (Age between 18-35), Women and children

Geographical coverage: Sub-National level

Type and focus: Youth led and youth centric programmes, Youth network

Focus/areas of current programme: Quality education, Vocational Education & Training and Skills Development, Women Empowerment, Rights to children, Agriculture & Food Security

The main areas of the youth programme(s): Youth volunteerism

Title of the programme (1): যুব মাদক বিরোধী জোট

Duration or time period: ০১ বৎসর

Targeted beneficiaries: Young Men (Age between 18-35)

Districts covered: Naogaon

Youth involvement: Actively/directly engaged in project delivery and implementation

Government Ministries and/or Departments involved: Ministry of Youth and Sports