Turning Point Foundation

Turning Point Foundation is a non-government organisation in Bangladesh led by persons with disabilities, which is an independent and non-profit organisation, with no religious or political affiliation. TurningPoint is working on major two areas: Capacity Building and Advocacy to promote human rights of marginalised people i.e. persons with disabilities, ethnic minorities and other disadvantaged people and promote ‘Inclusion’ as an inbuilt mechanism in all programs and activities.

Established on 15 January 2010, TurningPoint is also well-known as a disabled people’s organisation (DPO) for active participation, leadership and professional engagement of persons with disabilities at its all level as well as for its far-reaching role in the rights movement of persons with disabilities and their organisations. Based on accomplishment and learning, TurningPoint has emerged to other development issues focusing other marginalised groups aiming at ‘Leaving no one behind’.

The organisation has been named as ‘TurningPoint’ from a core believe “when life is in difficulties and disappointment – still there is scope to have a turn towards light of hope”. Disability or any difficulty in our life is not to give up hope; rather it is a challenge, a vocation and a commitment of life to overcome all odds and barriers to be success in life according to one’s own potentials. Our slogan is ‘Let’s enlighten ourselves with the light of hope, overcoming all obstructions of life’.


Organisational Focal Person for the SDG Platform

Mr Jibon Gomes 
Executive Director
Email: ed@turningpointbd.org; info@turningpointbd.org



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