Sushasoner Jonny Procharavizan-SUPRO

Sushasoner Jonny Procharavizan – SUPRO (Campaing for Good Governance), a national network of grassroots NGOs in Bangladesh, working to establish economic, social and cultural rights of poor and marginalized people at all spheres of society and state through facilitating right based activism at grassroots, national and global level. SUPRO critically analyses global and national level rules, regulations and policies to facilitate grassroots activism to make these work for the poor and marginalized people.

As an institutional strategy, SUPRO works with the grassroots NGOs and CSOs to unite their voices aiming to sensitise and influence the national and global leaders and policy makers with a view to bringing about desired policy changes beneficial for the people in general and poor and marginalized in particular.

For bringing about pro-poor policy and associated institutional reform through establishing macro-micro linkage; SUPRO engages itself in campaign, mobilization and advocacy on different issues such as good governance; economic justice; PRSP process; budget tracking and analysis; trade justice; climate change; IFI policies and debt cancellation.


Organisational Focal Person for the SDG Platform

Ms Manju Rani Pramanik


Mailing Address: Golden Nurunnahar Cottage, Flat # A-4, Level-4, 5/1/K, Borabo Mohonpur, Shyamoli, Dhaka-1207 
Phone: +88 9122628
Social Media: Facebook