Rights Jessore

Rights Jessore is a leading human rights organization in Bangladesh dedicated to protection and promotion of human rights, prevention of human trafficking and providing service to the victims of human trafficking. It supports for victim rescue, repatriation, reintegration and rehabilitation. Rights Jessore has been working predominately in the south-western region of Bangladesh since 1991. It helps in creating enable environment of prevention, protection and prosecution for the victims of human trafficking (sex trafficking and labor trafficking) through formation of forums, capacity building, networking and documentations of violations. It has a 31-members General Council which forms the nine-member Executive Committee, the policy making body of the organization. Rights Jessore envisages a society in Bangladesh where every human being irrespective cast, creed, religion, color, culture, gender, and profession living with human dignity and free from all sorts of human rights violation. The Mission of Rights Jessore is to protect the human rights of all people especially women and children by building awareness, creating sensitivity among the duty bearers and establishing good governance. Rights Jessore thematic areas like Human Rights, Anti-Trafficking, Safe Migration, Women rights and empowerment, Child rights, good governance, HIV/AIDS, environment including climate change etc.


Organisational Focal Person for the SDG Platform

Binoy Krishna Mallick
Executive Director
E-mail: binoymallick@yahoo.co.in

Communication Focal Person for the SDG Platform

Prodip Dutta
Director Program
E-mail: prodipdutta14@gmail.com



Mailing Address: Mahima Mahal, 119/2, Jail Road by lane, Ghope, Jashore
Phone: +88-024777-66120
E-mail: rightsjessore@yahoo.com
Website: www.rightsjessore.org