National Forum of Organizations Working with the Disabled (NFOWD)

NFOWD, the national Disability Think Tank, and the only registered national network in the country is the well-recognised national apex federating body of NGOs working in the field of Disability in Bangladesh. Based on a consensus arrived through a National Seminar on persons with disabilities held in 1989, the NFOWD was formally established on February 3rd 1991 with a view to, safeguarding and promoting the rights and interests of people with disabilities in the society; lobbying with concerned government authorities/agencies to pass a national policy and subsequent legislation on disability. Having 388 active member organisations NFOWD is liaising with relevant government and non-government organisations to formulate a coordinated action plan towards establishing equal rights and participation of persons with disabilities in all spheres of national life and providing backstop services to the organisations working with people with disabilities.

Based on a set of core values & operating principles, NFOWD has worked out a set of strategic & organisational objectives in order to work towards achieving its vision. NFOWD is a member on the governing boards of the Jatiyo Protibondhi Unnayan Foundation and the National Social Welfare Council.  It has also been a member of the National Coordination Committee and the National Executive Committee on Disability. It is also a member of the MOSW Committee on PRSP, the MOSW Committee on Ageing, and the National Committee on Monitoring the implementation of the CRPD.

At the Regional level, it is a member of the South Asian Network on CBR & the Asia Pacific Disability Forum. At the international level, it is an accredited NGO under the UN on the CRPD. NFOWD provides all secretariat support to the national Disability Rights Watch Group and the Parliamentarians’ Caucus on Disability.


Organisational and Communication Focal Person for the SDG Platform



Mailing Address: House- 435, Road- 2, Baitul Aman Housing Society, Adabor, Dhaka- 1207
Phone: (+88) 01711-485090, 01676-862739