Management and Resources Development Initiative (MRDI)

MRDI is a preeminent media training organization in Bangladesh, a dynamic media market in South Asia, specialized in educating working news professionals. MRDI is now acknowledged as the pioneer organization in conducting quality issue-based training and research for Bangladesh news media.

MRDI has the resources, capacity and experience to deliver all of the required services to ensure the quality coverage on different development issues including journalism ethics in news media. A unique feature of MRDI is the demand-driven approach to journalism training and capacity building. It has promoted new approach in Bangladesh media through its innovative concept of ‘in-house Training’. The organization has a rich pool of trainers and resource persons. Members of MRDI resource panel include government representatives, eminent journalists, economists, issue experts, academics and senior legal practitioners. MRDI also has a help desk to support journalist and CSOs on Right to Information Act. Frequent communication with the journalists and media gatekeepers during implementation of the programmes, has brought MRDI very close to the media organizations all over the country.

MRDI, as a member of RTI forum, played a vital role in enactment of the Act. In the recent years it worked on developing capacity on RTIA of stakeholders including DOs & appellate authorities of Government and NGOs, journalists, youths and civil society members in ensuring transparency and accountability.


Organisational Focal Person for the SDG Platform

Md. Shahid Hossain
Advisor, Planning and Development

Communication Focal Person for the SDG Platform

Hamidul Islam Hillol
Senior Programme Officer



Mailing Address: 8/19, Sir Syed Road (3rd Floor), Block: A, Mohammadpur, Dhaka- 1207
Phone: +88 (02) 9134717, 9137147
Fax: +88 (02) 9137147, Ext-111