Manab Unnayan Kendra (MUK)

Manab Unnayan Kendra (MUK) is a Non-Government, Local Development Organization trying to eradicate poverty from all spheres of human lives by establishing human rights. Under the leadership of Mr. Asaduzzaman Selim, it was formed in 1995 and received first registration from the Department of Social Welfare in 1997 and later on got registration from Joint Stock Company, NGO Affairs Bureau, MRA. MUK wants to see such a society where there will be democracy, gender equity, peace and justice, 100% literate and solvent people.

Women, children, people with disabilities, ethnic minority people, marginal farmers and disadvantaged people are the beneficiaries of the organization. Presently primary education, salish, microcredit, agricultural development, service to disabled people and trafficking victims, improved oven, fresh water supply are ongoing activities with 49,000 beneficiaries and this will contribute to make successful SDG. Four districts are the working area of this organization.


Organisational Focal Person for the SDG Platform

Asaduzzaman Selim
Chief Executive

Communication Focal Person for the SDG Platform

Md. Murad Hossain


Mailing Address: Hat road, Amjhupi, Meherpur
Phone: 0791-62424, 01711-397142
Social Media: Facebook