Center for Sustainable Development (CSD)

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh launched the Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) on 3rd February 2006 to carry out research pertaining to sustainability and to serve the national interests with the notion of supporting Sustainable Development practices in Bangladesh. The mission of CSD is devoted to interdisciplinary research, quality teaching, producing and disseminating knowledge, establishing networks with universities and research centers for collaborative research, and organizing actions to promote the greening of Bangladesh.

CSD runs its research projects in partnership with Bangladesh Government, public and private universities, foreign universities and research centers, business sector institutions, finance sector institutions, foreign missions in Bangladesh, and national/international NGOs. The research contributes to policy processes ensuring sustainable development. Research findings are used for quality teaching of all disciplines as well as strengthening capacity of the faculty members. The center is run by a multidisciplinary team under leadership of its director, accountable to the Vice Chancellor of ULAB.


Organizational Communication Focal Person for the SDG Platform:
Dr Samiya Selim
Associate Professor and Director
Center for Sustainable Development (CSD)
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB)



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