Brotee Samaj Kallyan Sangstha

Brotee, a center for social change, is rights based non-profit civil society organisation, founded in 2001. It dreams of a happy Bangladesh, living in harmony with nature. Brotee focuses on human dignity, social harmony and climate change and its mission is to protect human rights of the vulnerable by seeking freedom from poverty and indignity of climate resilience, right to water and right to representation and fair elections by working for good electoral governance.

As ‘social architect’ Brotee evolves methodologies and models for social change through action and applied research. It formulates Gonokriya Gobeshona (GKG), a people’s action research methodological framework to combat poverty and secure human dignity; approach leads to village movements and structures of the poor, by the poor and for the poor.

The development activities of Brotee covers 200 villages of 35 unions in Northern Bangladesh of greater Rajshahi and in the South Western coast of Satkhira, Shyamnagar. As the outcome of the activities the major impacts are that in 50 villages, there are zero drop school outs, no child marriage, no dowry, no drug abuse and 100% ‘tip shoi mukta’. Besides, nearly 30 human rights youth activists are leading the movement against poverty and social abuse and the impact on national electoral policy reform is highly visible.


Organisational and Communication Focal Person for the SDG Platform

Mr Md. Rafiqul Islam
Deputy Director



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