Bangladesh Protibandhi Kallyan Somity (BPKS)

The BPKS, established in 1985, is non-governmental, voluntary organisation which plays the role to safeguard the principles and rights of disabled people.  The organisation is aimed at contributing towards mainstreaming the disabled people into the national development process, ensure their equal rights and opportunities so that they can play a responsible role as equal citizens.

BPKS registered with different government authorities, managed democratically by a board called ‘National Council (NC)’ and ‘National Executive Council (NEC)’. The Executive Council is constituted by 7 member representatives with disabilities and National Council is 27 member representatives with disabilities nominated by the district level Disabled Peoples’ Organizations (DPOs). BPKS received recognition from Department of State of United States for its work and BPKS founder awarded as UNESCAP ‘Disability Rights Champions’ for his outstanding contribution to disabled peoples’ rights and empowerment.

BPKS affirms that the success of persons with disabilities can exert positive influence to the advancement of the entire society. BPKS adopted an effective development approach entitled, “Persons with Disabilities’ Self-Initiatives to Development (PSID)”. Over 2000 grassroots disabled peoples’ organizations, including 20 permanent PSID recourse centers, under twenty-three district-level organisations have been established with more than 41,000 disabled people as direct members.


Organisational and Communication Focal Person for the SDG Platform

Mr Animesh Toju
Chief of Program Implementation



Mailing Address: BPKS Complex, H#17, Ward#01 Lane, Hatimbag, Dhakkhinkhan, Uttara, Dhaka -1230
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