Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB)

TIB is the accredited national chapter in Bangladesh of the Berlin-based Transparency International, a global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption. TIB works with a vision of Bangladesh where government, politics, business, civil society and lives of the common citizens would be free from corruption.

TIB’s mission is to catalyse a strong social movement to raise voice and intensify demand for accountability through strengthening institutions, laws and practices and establishing an efficient and transparent system of governance, politics and business. TIB’s research, dissemination, campaign and advocacy initiatives are geared to policy and institutional reforms for controlling corruption, improving governance and thereby reduce poverty and promote sustainable development.

TIB’s activities are implemented nationally and locally – through research, advocacy, outreach and civic engagement. At the national level its work is designed to bring the issue of corruption into sharper focus of public discourse and contribute to the strengthening the pillars of democracy, legal, policy and institutional infrastructure of governance and National Integrity System.

At the local level TIB has established a network of 45 Committees of Concerned Citizens (CCCs) in 8 divisions of the country. It is a social movement driven by volunteers who challenge the notion that corruption could be a way of life. Overwhelming majority of volunteers are young college and university students, organised as YES – Youth Engagement and Support.


Organisational and Communication Focal Person for the SDG Platform

Mr Rezwan Ul Alam
Director (Outreach and Communication)



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