Avijan is a non-government, local, development organisation. It was established in 2008 with the initiation of a group educated like‑minded social workers with an aim to promote the socio‑economic and cultural status of the rural poor and vulnerable people emphasising the women and children. It is formed as local level community based non‑government, non-political and non-profitable organisation. It is working to ensure women rights and leadership and also socio‑economic development of the urban and rural under privileged people of Bangladesh and establishment of their basic rights in the organisation.

The mission of the Avijan is to undertake some exceptional intensive program for the poor, oppress, destitute, asset less, exploited people for urban and rural areas of Bangladesh to bring positive changes in the life style in the organisation. Avijan envisions to ensure the rights of backward caste and make them self-dependent.


Organisational & Communication Focal Person for the SDG Platform

Ms Banani Biswas
General Secretary



Mailing Address: House-22 (301), Road-09, Block-A, Bosila City Dev., Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Phone: 01715-914534
Email: avijan2008@yahoo.com