Situating Bangladesh’s Experience within the Global Context

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework has explicitly referred to youth as a key constituency and has underlined the importance of youth participation in SDG implementation as a crucial drives of expected outcomes. Youth make up for more than half of Bangladesh’s population, much higher than the global average of about 16 per cent. Given this, one cannot overemphasise the need for a proactive role of youth in SDG implementation, monitoring and evaluation. With the objective to explore opportunities and scope of youth involvement in SDG implementation and accountability processes, a virtual global sharing session was organised by the Citizen’s Platform for SDGs, Bangladesh, in partnership with ActionAid Bangladesh, on 10th June 2021. Southern Voice Network was the outreach partner of the event. The idea was to share the experiences of youth-driven VLRs (Voluntary Local Reviews) and examine cross-country experiences in the area of localising the SDGs. The objective was also to review the experiences of youth-led accountability initiatives to hold local-level public institutions accountable for implementing the SDGs. Keeping these objectives in the purview, the discussion was framed around mobilisation, localisation and accountability experiences, from global and national standpoints, with a view to raising the efficacy of implementation of the SDGs through more active participation of yours people.

Publication Period: July 2021