This Briefing Note has been prepared based on the outcome of the virtual dialogue titled “Experiences from the current situation at the grassroots level: Achievements and challenges” held on 8 July 2020.It was attended by 80 professionals including development activists, business leaders, researchers, academics, youth representatives, and journalists who are actively engaged in dealing with the COVID-19 induced challenges across the country. Participants from 30 Partner Organisations of the Platform, of which 19 are based outside Dhaka, attended the event and shared their views. The event was streamed live on the Platform’s website and social media for wider audience engagement. The event was viewed by more than 2,600 people.

This document presents cluster-based scenarios on new challenges of this pandemic for different marginalised communities and development stakeholders. It also outlines sectoral issues related to the SDGs. These findings will be useful for formulating effective strategy for coordinating and managing the pandemic induced challenges in the country.

This briefing note is the fourth one of the Platform’s briefing note series on COVID-19. The first briefing note was published at a virtual media briefing on “Strengthening Effectiveness of the Non-State Actors’ in COVID-19 Response Activities” on 18 April 2020, and the second one was published on 14 June 2020 which was prepared based on a virtual dialogue titled “Post-‘General Holidays’ Health Risks” which was held on 1 June 2020. The third one is yet to publish and based on another virtual dialogue on “New Challenges for SDGs and Budget 2020-21” which was held on 18 June, 2020.

Publication Period: October 2020