Originally posted in Citizen’s Platform on 21 July 2020

Corona virus 2019 [COVID–19] pandemic has been a shock to the world. It has affected all over the country including Thakurgaon district. Corona virus exposes and exploits the inequality that defines our society. It exploits inequality between rich and poor. In the already poor and weak health system, the poor people are more likely to be drowned in debts. Inequality for women who are in insecure and poorly paid jobs is alarming. It has noted that primary school going students also one of the most affected group due to the Corona situation. We all deeply need one another to fight this virus. Pandemic and economic crisis can be solved by unity and cooperation. It is only through solidarity that we can achieve victory against this virus and other crisis coming our way. Cooperation is urgently needed on economic front too. Given the nature of our economy and of supply chain, we need a clear country plan of action and we need it implement fast and transparently. We wish to express our encouragement to all individuals, communities, civil society members, private sector and government authorities at all levels working day and night to beat the virus and extend our solidarity with survivors and those affected by it.

Considering the ESDO’s Value ‘Children First” we have conduct this rapid study for preparing an outline to protect children from existing worst situation.