Introduction of the Organization

Women with Disabilities Development Foundation (WDDF) is a voluntary, non-political, non-profitable, non-governmental and women with Disabilities rights-based organization. It is a self-help organization of enhancing Women with Disabilities’ equal representation in the mainstream part of the society and proactive participating organization of, for and by women with Disabilities, working to actualize their aspirations and hopes for all intents and purposes to enable them to serve as self-reliant and dynamic participants in society. WDDF is run and managed by Women with Disabilities which has constitutionally been enrolling and engaging Women with Disabilities in planning, implementing and managing of its programs from grassroots to national level. WDDF is dedicated directly to work with Women with Disabilities and they are beneficiaries and owners of this organization. A group of Women with disabilities felt the absence of their own platform to raise the issues of women and girls with disabilities; they had become united and taken initiative to assess the requirement of a women with disabilities rights-based organization.

In view of the aforementioned state of affairs, as the first registered organization of Women with Disabilities, WDDF has given foundation in 2007, with vigorous efforts of a group of prospective women leaders with disabilities and in 2015 it has been registered in NGO Affairs Bureau. It has given foundation from this contemplation that, Women with Disabilities   are not alone; their united and interminable endeavor will keep contribution to create an inclusive, right-based and anti- discriminatory state for all including Women with Disabilities through their proper empowerment. And after having been started its activities, Through Advocacy WDDF has successfully been incorporated the issues of Women with Disabilities in National legislations, policies, orders, plans, programs and international declarations, documents and reports.

Programmatic Interventions

A) Develop leadership for women with disabilities B) Provide training and increase skills C) Involve women with disabilities in education D) Involve women with disabilities to mainstreaming of country development E) Economic capability raising to WWD’s F) Awareness raising regarding on Person with disabilities Act and National Action Plan G) Different activity for reducing discrimination to WWD’s H) Mental health counselling and services I) Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights to WWD’s J) Food assistance to WWD’s in COVID 19.

  1. WDDF created a web-based profile for 350-500 women and girls with disabilities for those who lost their jobs in various fields of work due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, can rejoin to get jobs or better jobs based on their education, skills and training.
  2. Women with disabilities Development Foundation (WDDF) are working to be included in the country’s conventional sexual and reproductive health and rights services to women and girls with disabilities.
  3. WDDF works with the Legal Aid Committee to ensure that women with disabilities have access to the country’s traditional justice system and rights to justice.
  4. WDDF works with the National and District level journalist to ensure that “To end violence women with disabilities” in countrywide.
  5. Formation a National Level Committee consisting 13 women with disabilities to end all violence to women with disabilities in countrywide.

Future Outlook and Recommendations

Lesson learnt:

  1. Many women with disabilities at the grassroots level have training and skills but are unable to utilize their skills due to lack of financial capacity, proper instruments or machinery.
  2. Many disabled women victims of torture and violence do not want to complain in Police Station and Local Government Institutions about the delay in the justice system or fall in again harm.


  1. The judiciary quick settlements for access to justice.
  2. Provide cash support or easy access to public and private loans.
  3. Steps towards removed discriminations against girls and women with disabilities from social and county interventions for progress.


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