Practical Action


Practical Action


Practical action works to establish justice for the wellbeing of underprivileged people across the world. It is an international development agency working with the poor communities to help them choose and use technology to improve their lives for today and generations to come.

It gives priority to the areas subject to disasters and climate change impacts, under privileged remote areas with lack of economic opportunities, food security, and access to basic services. It has on-going projects in the coastal area, flood-prone areas and Haor (natural large water basins) areas. Practical action focuses six major important issues and they are Energy for Productive and Social Uses, Solid Waste Management Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) Technology Builds Resilience, Agriculture for Resilience Agriculture for Food, Security, and Nutrition.

Practical Action prefers to work with partners. It has been working with the implementing and strategic partners including community based organisations, private sectors, local and national NGOs, INGOs, UN agencies, local government bodies, and government institutions.


Organisational focal Person for the SDG Platform

Mehrab Ul Goni
Manager- Advocacy & Partnership

Communication Focal Person for the SDG Platform

Plaban Ganguly
Coordinator – Marketing and Communications



Mailing address: H-28/A; R-5; Dhanmondi; Dhaka
Phone: +880 2 9672683, 9675236, 9675243
Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

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